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Emevenca has dedicated a lot of resources to Research and Development in two main �reas: Information Technology and Consumer Psychology. Our main achievements are

1- Information Technology

A complete system including modules for data gathering automation by means of HandHeld computers, data processing and reports, as well as for adequate administration of all the processes.

Our systems have the following modules

a) Questionnaires: Allows designing the questionnaire in order to be administered in a HandHeld device, which allows for real time quality control and coherence test during the interview.

b) Supervision: Allows to control researcher�s work avoiding skews in the selection of questionnaires and questions to be supervised.

c) Quality Control: Allows to perform comparisons and consistency checks of the data that is downloaded to our server from the HandHelds.

d) Reports: Allows analyst to conduct data mining and use statistical procedures to prepare tables and reports to be delivered to the client. The whole process is controlled using an Identity Document for the project which defines the quality standards required for each project execution.

2- Consumer Psychology:

We have adapted Clinic Psychology Methods (Rorschach and T.A.T.) and Anthropologic methodologies be used in qualitative studies, in order to develop the questionnaires to be used in Psychographic segmentation questionnaires