2014: A year for optimism

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43% of the inhabitants of Santo Domingo and Santiago think the country is "wrong '" or "very bad", However, 64% He thinks that in this year the situation is going to improve.

Between November and December of the 2013 n = 1,201 persons interviewed in Santo Domingo and Santiago, between 18 Y 64 year old, in all socioeconomic levels. We asked about their perception of the current situation of the Dominican Republic and about their personal situation. At the same time, We explore their expectations of how they would change such situations this year 2014.

We found that the Dominican recognizes the crisis that has affected the country, and a 43% It states that the current situation is "very bad" or "evil". A 53% It defines it as "Regular". only one 4% He understands that it is a good time for the country and are encouraged to say that things in the country walk "Good" or "Very good". However, Despite this negative perception of the current situation, a 64% He says that in this next coming year will improve the country's situation.

Sira AnamwongNevertheless, when they are referring to your personal situation, perspective changes. Only a 19% He says his personal situation is "very bad" or "evil", 55% It defines it as "regular" and 26% He says that on a personal level is "very good" or "good". Expectations for improvement in the near future on a personal level are higher than for the country, reaching a 78% those who think that their personal situation will improve this year (Vs. 64% which he says the same about the situation of the country).

This could indicate several things: 1) The benchmark to assess the country is not only the reality itself, but references possibly other realities, 2) That social desirability prevents sometimes recognize itself as a serious situation and it is easier to project in the other, 3) The true reality of the country "is not as bad as it looks" or 4) That the Dominican is optimistic despite the difficulties prefer to feel that their reality is better than it really is.

Santiago residents tend to be more radical in their statements, a higher proportion claiming that their situation or that the country is "very bad" or "very well". They tend to use less frequently intermediate points scale, At the same time, more frrecuencia think that the inhabitants of Santo Domingo that the situation of the country or their personal situation will improve this year.

While there are not many significant differences by socioeconomic status in the country assessment, if we found in the personal situation evaluyación, It is greater the percentage of people of lower socioeconomic status who believe that "very bad" or "evil"(achieves 25%), while the highest levels significantly increases the proportion of those who indicate they are "very good" or "good" (achieves 41%).

Another thing we found is that as age increases positive expectations for improvement (Personal or country) decrease and the proportion increases thinks it will get worse.

We may venture to conclude that the Dominican is optimistic, he perceives himself better position than the generic society (or you are less easy to perceive itself in negative terms) and it has hope for a positive change in the medium term, which is stronger at young ages and tends to decrease with age.

Is this expectation of improvement is sustained by the hope that "other" (Government?) do something for the country, possibly impact your personal situation, or it is supported by the conviction that one's own efforts and work will be determining factors?... Let's leave this for a future reflection based on the analysis of some new questions included in this survey.

Expect the 2014 allow optimism and expectations horizons of change and prosperity in all our environments, personal and social.

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