Dominicans celebrate Christmas dinner with the family

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After a short break we return to turn us on with the blog. Season New Year's Eve is intense for almost any business and all who worked on market research we know that for our particular is an extremely active period. Our customers intensify their use of research to try to take advantage of the resources allocated for the year and have information for next year. All it took months awaiting approval gleams suddenly ... and time is short field because at this point it's hard to go out to collect information (all potential respondents are aware of their purchases and pre-Christmas preparations). So with this brief description of our day to day at this time I apologize for not writing in recent weeks. I know most of you surely will understand and identify with our situation.

In any case ... we did not want to miss the moment to seize and collect some information about holiday celebrations among Dominicans and wish compatirlos with you. Possibly data are not surprised, or that differ much from what happens in other countries in Latin America, but it's nice to have some quantification over the same. So for Christmas gift from Christmas we share these data:

interview 1201 people in Santo Domingo and Santiago, from 18 a 64 years, of all socioeconomic levels and found that the 92% used to celebrate Christmas. As age advances holding decreases slightly, ranging from 92% among the younger age groups up 82% among older. Equally, as it descends the socioeconomic level decreases celebration, ranging from 97% Class AB to 88% Class E. And a curious fact is that Santiagueros are more likely to outweigh the celebration and significant 6% celebrations in Santo Domingo.

Christmas is celebrated in the Dominican Republic more on Christmas Eve 24 from December (89%) that Christmas 25 (48%). And the celebration 25 It is higher in Santo Domingo (57%).

SONY DSCActivity par excellence is the Dominican Christmas Eve family dinner, reported by the 94%. But we look at the usual dinner or sharing some food more than once during the night, in different homes. About, 23% dinner at the home of other relatives and 7% at friends. Holding out is just more prevalent among the younger group, among whom a 24% He is going to a nightclub on Christmas Eve. However, Many do after having dined with family.

He 25, Christmas day, It is dedicated to visiting family (53%) and friends (31%), when it is not passed quiet at home (50%). Visiting friends is significantly higher among younger age groups (39%), like clubbing outputs (25%). In the highest socioeconomic levels more frequently in the habit of eating out at restaurants on Christmas Day (17%).

The end of the year, he 31 from December, It is held by a 90%, and again this celebration is significantly higher in younger ages (96% in the group 18 a 24) and declines with age. It is higher in the higher socioeconomic levels (94% at level AB) and Santiago (93%).

Although the family dinner is also the most frequent activity for the celebration of 31 from December, the tradition is slightly less massive than for Christmas Eve and is reported by a 79%. To celebrate New Year's Eve meetings with friends increase in one's house or at friends (28%), attendance at discotheques (20%) and attendance at formal parties organized by family and friends (14%). Attendance at the discos 31 from December, as might be expected, It is higher among younger age groups (36% in the group 18 a 24), in the highest socioeconomic status (27% an AB) and Santo Domingo (24%).

He 93% of respondents think wait wake of cannon fire 12 night for the 2014. Once again, this is more common among younger. People who will accompany them at this time are his closest relatives: children (61%), parents (58%) and husband / wife / partner with whom you live (46%). 52% will share at that time with other family members and 42% with friends.

Church attendance reaches a 7% Christmas Eve and 9% At the end of the year. On both dates, It is more common among women and the older group.

What will you do this Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Year? Wherever you celebrate and celebrate whatever you hope you spend some holidays in peace and harmony and that the year 2014 come full of successes for all, especially for our entire community market researchers and related professions Spanish-speaking.

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